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Main features: sheet steel with anti-rust treatment and epoxy paint (1), pedal (2), indication of waste type (3), F90 mushroom anchor (4), galvanized steel underground structure (5), hot galvanized steel bottom: height 150mm, allows to retain 250 litres of liquids (7), steel security platform (8), lift (9), steel frame (10), protection device that activates the counterweight platform(11), concrete interior (interior standard dimension is 5m3.) It allows the introduction of all types of underground containers of 3, 4, 5m3. We also produce concrete containers of 3 or 4m3 on demand with capacity restrictions (12).

They are technologically advanced and innovative underground containers, for differentiated collection of all types of waste of a great capacity: 3 up to 5 cubic meters.
They are integrated into a prefabricated structure that is totally underground.
They do not need any electric and/or oil hydraulics use.
Each container is composed of a turret for the waste and underground-prefabricated structure, to hide the unpleasant and perturbing aspects generated by traditional containers.
Thanks to the particular structure, they integrate with the surrounding, improving the urban aspect.
By using an electronic system, it is possible to calculate the amount of waste introduced in each single container. The generation of bad smells and bacteria is notably reduced, as is the noise produced by introducing heavy waste such as glass.
The container is modular and therefore can create waste depots according to necessity.
Their structure is particularly functional in neighbourhoods with a high population and/or vertical development. Pleasant, and modular, they do not generate architectural barriers, but favour accessibility in maximum safety for any category of user.

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