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Main features: galvanized steel structure, epoxy paint (1), luminous strips on each edge (2), indication of waste type (3), F90 mushroom anchor (4), rounded edges (5), triangular opening that allows to install steel guide to keep the container aligned (6), galvanized steel bottom: height 150mm, retention 250 litres (7), circular opening (for glass) (8),handles to easily open the covers (9), coloured covers (polypropylene) (10).

It consists of automatic bilateral one-man operated equipment, capable of collecting various types of over-ground and underground containers.
Nord Engineering’s containers represent an innovative concept of waste collection wherein the container units integrate into the urban landscape.
The container can be installed into any type of environment: town squares, streets, boulevards, hospitals, hotels-in city centers or in suburban areas or in residential & commercial areas – encouraging recycling of waste.
Waste collection equipment vehicle NORD EASY system is an innovative creation designed to increase the collection productivity, while simplifying the collection process. Unlike the existing which stops the traffic flow in congested city areas, Nord Easy equipment collects and empties the containers with-in the limited space, in shortest time and also reduces collection frequency.
This single operated system automatically identifies, collects, hauls and empties containers giving very little or no scope for damages and errors to the equipment or containers.
Ideal solution for a developing city.
Very versatile equipment which can lift and empty underground, over ground and semi-underground containers and collect different types of waste in urban areas, commercial areas and industrial areas.
Further benefits are, ability to have containers everywhere, reduction of maintenance costs by lowering the probability of unexpected errors and help streamlining of work time more efficiently.

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